The Team

Meet Alex-Maud van der Westhuizen - Biokineticist

Alex-Maud originally comes from a small town under a big tree in the Northern Province of South-Africa but has recently moved to Cape Town, a coastal city in South Africa which is the capital and primate city of the Western Cape Province. She is a highly competent and enthusiastic fitness, health and rehabilitative fanatic with a proven ability to achieve personal fitness goals as well as to help and lead others to achieve their personal goals. “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving” – Albert Einstein.

Alex has been in the health, fitness and rehabilitation industry for round about 8 years now, where she has had the privilege to share her love, passion and knowledge regarding certain topics such as: anatomy; physiology; biomechanics and nutrition with the general public. Alex has a BA Health Science and Recreation degree as well as a BSc HONS degree in Biokinetics (Physical Rehabilitation Specialist). She finished her studies at two of the most well-known universities in South Africa, one being the largest campus and the other one of the oldest. Both very well known by international athletes who comes to train at these universities due to the positive effects the altitude has to offer for their training preparation. Alex has also completed the prestigious 3-week Steiner training where she has completed various courses including Fitness Business School; Stretch and Release; Body Sculpt Bootcamp; Tour De Cycle; Result Based Training; Introduction to Yoga; Pure Form Pilates; Fight club; and TRX. Where after she worked as a fitness instructor on Pacific liners for nine months.

Alex is a very hard-working person with eagerness to learn and explores new things or try out new exercises. Alex-Maud is diligent, punctual, professional and shows a great affinity for the work field of (Physical Rehabilitation Specialist) and Personal Trainer. Her creativity with training programs and the research she puts into developing these programs is inspiring. Her knowledge of the human body, rehabilitation principles and understanding the functionality thereof is a big positive for her work. She displays an excellent ability to convert the theory into practical application with a want to understand and learn new techniques and ideas. Alex-Maud is not shy to try out new ideas but forever mindful of the state and condition of the client. She has had great opportunities in her fitness and health career stretching as far as being an ambassador for a certain South-African supplement brand where she had to help a number of individuals reach a certain goal in just 12 weeks, by developing personalized training and nutritional programs, up to various rehabilitation success stories during her time as A Biokineticists (Physical Rehabilitation Specialist).

Alex has a passion and love for the fitness and health industry like no other which motivates and drives her to succeed and deliver outstanding results. Her endless energy and fun personality make it easy for people to connect with her and make her unforgettable. During her time at Stellenbosch University she was immediately well received by her superiors (the interns and the Biokineticists) and earned the respect she deserved. It was clear that Alex was a polite, respectful and trustworthy individual early on that could form a vital component of any team. Alex-Maud has proven to be an asset. She is always willing to help with a smile and without reservations. Alex also manages to arrive at work as the same individual day in and day out. Her communication skills are excellent with the ability to show empathy and not sympathy. She is respectful towards clients and colleagues, loyal and will go the extra mile for her work, that she loves, and the patients or clients that she attends to. She is punctual, neat and very proud of her work. She can work with a variety of people, from the younger population struggling with low muscle tone, rehabilitation of high-performance athletes, to the chronic rehabilitation of the elderly.