Following an acute or chronic injury, physical rehabilitation is often needed to return to daily activities or physical/sporting activities pain free, with decreased re-injury risk, and for optimal performance. Our Biokineticists are trained in using research-based exercise interventions to help achieve the goals. One-on-one supervised sessions ensure correct form and an effective return activity, based upon a good strong foundation and excellent movement posture.



Chronic rehabilitation deals with what cannot be seen. The modern day lifestyle comes along with hidden demons associated with the cardiovascular system, such as hypertension (high blood pressure), hypercholesteremia (high cholesterol), diabetes (blood sugar level issues) and also heart conditions. It has been well proven that exercise plays a major role in managing and improving these issues; however, the types of exercises prescribed can be slightly different for the best results. The major problem here is that people do not feel the problem and therefore leave it untreated and unmanaged. Let us help you gain control.


Our skilled Biokineticists can provide you a personalized exercise program to help you reach your goals. Exercises are prescribed based on the research and on the findings from the original assessment performed in the first session. The program, while helping you reach your goals, will also focus on areas that the Biokineticist feels needs work in terms of injury prevention, general health and wellness




Weight loss is a common goal in modern day society with lifestyle not being conducive to maintaining a healthy weight. There are many gimmicks, diets, and pills on the market which are meant to help with rapid weight loss (and weight maintenance) but research continues to show that exercise and healthy nutritional modifications are the most successful means of achieving these goals; particularly for long terms results. Our Biokineticists are trained in engaging in the best form of exercise in order to promote this positive change and are not afraid of working in conjunction with trained nutritional professionals to help you on your journey.



Discovery Fitness Assessment

Discovery members can now do their Vitality fitness assessments with us! Earn between 2500-7500 points for the assessment based on your fitness levels, strength and flexibility. Book your assessment today and receive a detailed report on your results and areas to focus on!

multiply FITNESS and  Health aSSESSMENT

Health assessment

Book your health assessment with us today and get your healthy heart score to earn up to 100 points (30 points for doing the assessment and up to 70 points depending on your results). During the health assessment we measure your blood pressure, total cholesterol, glucose, height, weight and waist circumference. 

Fitness assessment

For only 30 minutes of your time, earn between 10-80 points when doing your fitness assessment. We measure your body composition (height, weight and waist circumference), muscle strength (handgrip strength, 1 minute push ups) and last your cardiorespiratory fitness.