Our Vision

Our vision is to provide an environment for individuals to gain a better understanding of their movement capacity and their body’s, to help provide long-term sustainable changes in body function and control, and to provide an environment to ensure a meaningful and productive relationship exists with the Biokineticist and the client.

Our Mission

• Relationships: building a positive relationship with our clients

is key to helping us achieve the client’s goals with them

• Attitude: ensuring our attitude never waivers in the face of
challenges, we hope to help keep the spirits high

• Inclusion: ensuring that the client plays a role in their own
rehabilitation will help promote adherence

• Navigate: moving forward through the entire rehabilitation
process and all that it entails with the client

• Realism: remaining realistic in what is achievable while never
forgetting what is possible

• Opportunistic: aim to take advantage of all opportunities to
further our staff’s growth and client experience

• Original: staying ahead of the pack and up to date with latest
research in the rehabilitation field

• Youthful: remaining youthful and energetic in our approach to working with our clients and each other

                    Who We Are

Rainsford & Van Rooyen Biokineticsts are a group of young, qualified Biokineticists wanting to make a difference. Based in Stellenbosch, we are geared to helping people from all walks of life as is represented by our client base. Be it the elderly, the young, the exercise lovers and the exercise haters (or the in betweeners), we see you all.
Being physically active drives us to ensure that we practice what we preach and that helps us help our clients get the most out of their sessions. Let us help you reach your goals.